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  • We've launched!
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You've got Questions - We've got Answers!

What do you mean - All Ways?

We formulated our cleansing all-in-one-bar to be used for pretty much any cleansing purpose! It's perfect for skin of all types, and works as a fantastic shampoo and conditioner as well. It can be used on your little ones, as well as your pets! 

What kind of Essential Oils are in your soap?

The Essential Oils we use are of the highest quality and most tightly regulated in the industry.  They are in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, come with Material Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis, GC Reports.

Are Your Ingredients Cruelty Free?

All ways, Always. (See what we did there?)

Is Your Packaging Zero Waste?

Yes, when you receive a shipment from us, every element is recyclable, from the box to the shipping materials.

Is the soap formulation "no tears/tear free"?

"Tear free" means the product base is a detergent, not a soap made from plant oils. We use all-natural plant ingredients and essential oils, but getting things in your eyes is no fun. 

Yes - we use the soap on our toddler in a tear free manner in that we are always careful to avoid her eyes. We do wash her hair with it as it rinses out and doesn't knot her hair for the other kind of no tears experience!

How long does a bar of soap last?

Our all-in-one-bar last about 2-3 weeks for an adult showering 1-2 times a day. Check our product page for a simple guide for your family. 

Are your bars hypoallergenic?

While our bars are not formulated to be hypoallergenic, we've had many customers with sensitive skin report positive results when using our soap! Of course, all skin is different, so please test on a small patch of skin first : )

Are your ingredients organic?

Although we are not certified organic, we strive to source many of our essential oils from organic ingredients.

Can babies and children use All Ways, Always?

Of course! With the natural, nourishing ingredients found in our cold-processed soap, even kids and teens can benefit from an upgraded shower experience. 

Where is All Ways, Always made?

Our products are all made by another family business in beautiful Montana, USA. We always strive to keep our supply chain local, fair trade and equitable, with fair working conditions and good pay.

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